Violin Lessons

I teach middle and high level violin classes based on my extensive teaching experience.

Private violin lessons

My violin teaching system includes a variety of schools and methodologies that I have complemented and improved over the years. I have collaborated with great artists from all over the world learning different working procedures. We are all different in the ways of progress and we need to polish different aspects. Some methods work better for us than others. So my classes are totally personalized.

I´m specialized in violin classes for adults of medium and higher level, which I can teach in person in Valencia and Barcelona. If you want, either because you live far away or because it is more comfortable for you, we can also do the violin classes online. With the technology that we have today, thanks to platforms such as Zoom or Google Duo, distance is not an impediment.

20 years experience

I have a long career as a professional violinist and as a violin teacher

Personalized classes

I fully adapt all the classes to the level and needs of each student

Online and classroom classes

I give face-to-face classes in Valencia and Barcelona. I also offer violin classes online



If you want to book an hour or need more information, contact me.